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Moaning Lisa play fairly stale and generic hard/alternative rock & roll. The best comparison I can make to this band would be this: imagine The Wallflowers with distortion and indie/emo influencing on song phrasing.

Wonderful is actually not all that wonderful. The songs on this album sound to me like the songs of a band seeking to become rock stars; they’re very ambitious, for the most part. They’re radio friendly; that is, they have just the right amount of distortion on the guitars as to not be offensive, but there’s still enough to sound gritty or mildly tough. The vocals have only the slightest bit of reverb and other effects, just enough to sound larger than life, yet still sound somewhat “underground.” Yes, indeed, I sense some real trickery going on here. I haven’t been tricked though, boys, and I can see through your facade.

If you like the large and grandiose in alternative rock music, Wonderful is an album for you. As a side note, there’s a naked hoochie-mama on the cover carrying a baby doll to cover up her brown eye, for whatever reason. I’m not sure if there’s some sort of symbolic meaning here, but the fact that she’s sans clothes could be resultant of her crapping her pants and vomiting on herself at how pompous Wonderful is.

Moaning Lisa:

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