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Ozric Tentacles

Live at the Pongmasters Ball

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Aggressive, tight 21st century prog rock, sorta akin to a more updated version of Gong or maybe a trippier Rush without vocals. These guys have been tripping out for over 20 years, and it shows – this is a very tight musical unit. Granted, the material is all rather similar, but you could say that for most groups, I suppose. The liner notes would lead one to expect a union of “…Frank Zappa and The Chemical Brothers,” which is rather far from the mark. Being an instrumental band, they suffer none of Zappa’s embarrassing potty humor and OT doesn’t go in for 45-minute guitar solos as the late, vastly overrated Zappa did (praise be…). As for the Chemical Brothers reference, I think “chemical” is the operative word here – dude must be trippin’, because this stuff couldn’t be further from “Block Rocking Beats” if it tried. If your tastes run to King Crimson, Rush, or perhaps some of the Dixie Dregs’ more frantic moments, then this is your cup of mushrooms. Also includes a two-hour live DVD. Get dosed and bliss out, brothers and sisters.

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