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The Flaming Sideburns

The Flaming Sideburns Save Rock’n’Roll


Yet another Scandinavian garage rock band marching for the feel-good rock’n’roll revolution. The Sideburns’ second release sees them adding even more layers of Stones to their tried and tested retro formula. Coupled with the punk rawk of Hellacopters and The Stooges’ howl, this is a rather likeable, sleazy prospect for sure, but the Sideburns’ may have too little to offer to really stand out from the crowd. Vocalist Eduardo Martinez occasional detours into Spanish lyrics add a refreshing touch to their incessant garage punch, and they have a brilliant understanding of the dynamics of rock, of when to hold back and when not to. But other than that, this album could have been made by just about anyone out there today – which may be the exact reason why the Sideburns are “most likely to” spearhead the forthcoming new wave of garage retro.

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