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The Nutshell EP


Groovelily have been at it with their melodic, bouncy folk-pop for close to a decade now and, as evidenced on this five-track EP, there’s little reason why they should stop doing it now. With a sound that takes in everything from The Dubliners to Joni Mitchell, Groovelily presents a sincere if traditional outlook that bursts over with warmth and profound joy. “No Room in Your Bag” is a lush and springy track, while “Looking Forward/Looking Back” approaches the solid folk-pop of Billy Joel. Their entire sound is strongly reminiscent of Seven Nations, no doubt due to their similarity in instrumentation and vocal styling as well as musical heritage. And while this is far from earth-shattering music, Groovelily get by on an easy and casual charm that should draw most people into their world. Look out for their new live album, from which most tracks on here are culled.


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