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Another day, another great GBV release. Ho hum. Seriously, Robert Pollard sneezes better songs than most people spend their life writing. This one, ten songs that didn’t find their way onto the last release (the motherfreakin’ brill Universal Truths and Cycles) is typically unclassifiable, hooky, melodic (hell, “Dig Through My Window” has a string section!) and rocks like a beast. Not to mention the best album title of the year. Strange voices lurk just under the tumult of “Beg For a Wheelbarrow,” unnerving and weird, the opening “Visit This Place” is a song that would make your basic Pete Townshend weep for what he once was, and on and on. So why are you wasting time reading this? Buy it – now – before I show up at your house with a six-pack and this CD, and make ya listen until the ale runs out. Trust me, you don’t want that.

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