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Midwest Product, the Ann Arbor trio of Ben Mullins, Chad Pratt, and Drew Schmieding, is an electro-live instrument group carving out a sound all their own. With a retro/futuristic sound that incorporates those early ’80s blips and bleeps with a New Order flare for the mellow-dramatic and Yarborough & Peoples post-funk. They craft their abstractions – much like Akufen or Geez n’ Gosh – into highly infectious orchestrations that pull you, spellbound, into their experience. Theirs is a music that defies categorization and grooves like nobody’s business. Not for the weak of heart or closed of mind, Specifics is a real connoisseur’s piece of work. They’ll strike you contemplative (as with “Alternator”), groove you with Sergio Leone flair (“Still Love in the Midwest”), or leave you in a schizoid confusion (“Beardman in the City”). For those who crave experiences outside the norm and outside their very selves, Midwest Product is the group for you.

Ghostly International:

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