Smallroom 9

Smallroom 9

Smallroom 9


Although it’s been spawned from the evil seeds of post-grunge, Smallroom 9 is a surprisingly engaging and vital band, having so much more to offer than its series of big chords and acerbic vocals hint at. All Vedderisms aside, Smallroom 9’s strength rests in their solid, advanced songwriting, their strong sense of musical dynamics and their energetic and passionate delivery, often lifting the songs miles above the tired arrangements that always threaten to drag things down.

Why they have decided to package their music in such a formulaic way is anyone’s guess. If they’d dare to play up to the strength of their songcraft, their melodic sensibilities, this would have been a far more interesting prospect altogether. As it is, we’ll settle with fine moments like “Eclipse,” “Plastic Smile,” “Misery,” and “Waiting To Fall,” alongside first single “All I Ever Wanted,” and hope that next time around they will steer further away from Lit and Creed, and instead decide to embrace their own uniqueness.

Smallroom 9:

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