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Fred Numf

Universal Language 2

Black Hole

These double-CD mixes are all about how you swing. The important thing is to find the DJs who swing like you do, and, if they don’t suck, it’ll be worth the purchase. If you like your house a little on the techy/prog side with dashes of trance here and there, then Fred Numf is your Cab Calloway. This thoroughbred in the impressive Tiesto stable comes straight at you, hard and fast, like Mike Tyson back in ‘88. He prefers to simply devastate you from the opening bell instead of setting you up for the perfect punch.

Universal Language 2 is midnight in your hippest club. There are no mood setters – that was for the DJ before him. Numf sets it off with the explosive “Reach Out to Me” by Mike Hiratzka, follows it with his and Etienne Overdijk’s “Disorientation.” And it’s off to the races. Every moment is incendiary with driving tunes from Quivver, Evolution, Interflow, and New Order.

Take that well-deserved breather while the discs change because the melee continues with “Deeper Thoughts” by Fred Numf vs. Alvin Dorsey, followed by Mara and Blackwatch and Greed. There are other brilliant cuts by Sonic Tribe, Noel Sanger, Steve Parry, and Starecase that send you into a dance reverie hardly seen outside the charismatic church.

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