Render: Spanning Time With Ani Difranco

Directed by Ani DiFranco & Scot Fisher

Righteous Babe

Get ready Ani DiFranco fans, the DVD release of Render: Spanning Time with Ani DiFranco is a must for any Ani fan. Part concert film, part road movie and part behind the scenes documentary, Render provides a wonderful time capsule of the artist, especially from 2000-2001. The film — shot in the traditional mix of color and black and white — has the familiar look of most rock documentaries, but there is a folksy, almost familial feel to the production. It may also be debatable about how much real insight you get in Ms. DiFranco. This is a look at her music, but doesn’t really peel back the layers. Much is shown without a great deal actually being revealed. At just under two hours, the film may be a bit long for non-rabid Ani fans, and a bit short for the most hardcore, but it is never boring. The sound on the live performance sections of the film is excellent, and the Halloween concert in the middle of the film is not to be missed. Although not as intimate and reveling as it could have been, Render is nonetheless a great look into one of the most revered artists round today.

Righteous Babe:

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