Cookbook CD

Cookbook CD

Various Artists

Eenie Meenie

A fantastic collection of mostly-happy pop gems, and a real tour-de-force of packaging, Cookbook CD matches eleven eclectic tracks with a hyper-colored digi-pak containing insane liner art and recipes/cooking tips from all the bands involved.

Which bands? The Anubian Lights provide a six-minute hypnotic wave, but Irving gives us a seven-minute pop symphony. The Ray Makers have the synth-pop thing down, beeping and booping like the last 20 years hadn’t happened. Then there’s the ultra-brassy Evolution Control Committee whose “Magnetize Your Food” is a charming rant set to the biggest synth section you’ll ever hear: “don’t donate your food to charity/give it a little bipolarity!

The whole thing is truly bizarre in a really charming way, down to the neo-Japanese-style ultra chirpy artwork. Worth tracking down.

Eenie Meenie Records:

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