Shaz Yousaf

Shaz Yousaf

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Guitarist Shaz Yousaf explores the dark and industrial noisescapes on his current release, wildly shifting between chanted ambience and distorted, anguished screams. His sordid guitar playing regularly rests on top of drones and timid melodies, ranging from the casual to — too rarely — the bravely disturbing. Too often, really, the songs go nowhere, neither moving anywhere in particular nor too interested in inwards exploration. Half the time, Yousaf merely tread water, offering up snippets of sounds that regularly lacks depth, breadth and ambition.

However, there are a few fine moments on here that show Yousaf’s true potential once he dare to truly branch out and experiment. The forward-moving, light noise-dub of “Dirt Trance” is splendid and invigorating, as is the slightly Arab-tinged “SV.” It’d be great if the entire album showed the scope and ability of tracks like those, but as it is, at least we have some slight evidence that Yousaf has huge potential once he decide it’s time to challenge both himself and his audience.


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