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European Onion


Hailing from Sweden, land of every genre imaginable played with astounding precision, Pluxus share their oscillatory love in European Onion, a dozen of the rockingest all-Moog tracks you’ll hear. This Swedish collective (three? four? reports vary) assembles some intricate arrangements of fat, sizzling, nasal and otherwise analog sounds, into intense instrumentals that transcend the dated sonic cliché that the Moog has become. Like Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, Pluxus approach their synthesizers, as comparatively primitive and mathematically simple as they may be, as true instruments, somehow working their quirks and limitations into a distinctive voice. Songs are built piece by piece, with particular sounds and rhythms weaving in and out. Fancy talk for a bunch of boops and burps, you may think, but there is definitely something pastoral about these spacescapes, especially in comparison to today’s slice-and-dice electronic freneticism.


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