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Last Stop Suburbia


A five-track sampler is all I’ve got to judge the new 17-track album from pop-punks Allister, so the full length release may prove me wrong when I suggest that Allister is just another sing-along MTV-friendly skate band from the Green Day/Offspring-school of happy-go-luckiness. Not that that’s a bad a thing in itself, but there’s little evidence on here that the guys have anything at all to distinguish them from everyone else doing the exact same thing as they are. “Somewhere on Fullerton” and “Flypaper” are a character-free zone, just plain overdone sing-along stuff, while “Overrated” is a slab of dubious, bouncy fun. The label should be gently spanked for not sending out the full album, but on second thoughts, it may have been just as well. Pretty-boy punk for the masses, a bit on the tedious side.

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