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Presents Y4K: Next Level Breaks

Distinct’ive Breaks

Carrying the Y4K mix torch set ablaze by Freq Nasty is Barry Ashworth and his Dub Pistols crew. And this mix disc is about as exciting as a tooth drilling. Ashworth has unleashed a holocaust of go-for-break acid-washed house (with splashes of crypto-disco) that can surely engulf all those Big Beat refugees out there. For the rest of us outside looking in, you may want to look away. Although tracks from Layo & Bushwacka!, Afrika Bambaata, and Chemical Brothers appear on the disc (along with a Planet Asia mutilation of Coloursound’s triumphal “Fly With Me”), there’s very little here that’s compelling (except for Audio Bullys’ “Real Life” and Mint Royale’s “Blue Song”). This disc reminds you that there are dishes to wash, trash to take out, and toenails to clip. Boring.

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