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Ship Of Fools

Let’s Get This Mother Outta Here


Let’s Get This Mother Outta Here is a combination of tracks from Close Your Eyes and Out There Somewhere, so if you have those, skip this one. If not, though, and you’re into psychedelic stoner metal, then you’ll eat up Ship of Fools’ music with a fork and knife, and a tortilla to sop up the juicy bits.

Be fully aware, though, that Ship Of Fools’ music is not for the casual listener of music, or metal for that matter. These guys are like the Pink Floyd or Jethro Tull of metal, but even trippier and crazier than that. But, with all of the weirdness and synthesized noises also comes some really incredible and amazing musicianship. Not a single song is boring, for the construction of each song is masterful and the delivery is simply captivating (see “In the Wake Of” for proof).

If Rush or Dream Theatre had been more arty and quirky, they might have had more elements of Ship Of Fools in them… but they don’t, and Ship Of Fools comes off as completely unique and fascinating. Fans of prog metal, Tull, or anything that is out of the ordinary will have their thirst for unique music quenched with Let’s Get…. I personally think that everyone on the planet should have to hear this album at least once, just to have experienced it, but I don’t even know if I’ll go back for repeat listens; it’s just too bizarre for me.

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