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Alexandra Slate

Edge of the Girl


With the likes of Stacie Orrico and Avril Lavigne already on the scene, you would think that the last thing the music industry needs right now is another angst-ridden songstress.

You might think that, but Canadian Alexandra Slate is a different beast altogether. Yes, on the surface it seems her debut album Edge of the Girl has been shaped for the audience that lapped up Lavigne so readily. But Slate’s entirely self-penned album has more depth, more interesting things to say and is not as formulaic or blatantly commercial as some of Lavigne’s output.

With the assistance of Rob Cavallo behind the production desk, Slate’s music is given a more rock than pop sound, and material like “Bad Girl” and “I Apologize” are almost confessional in their stark honesty of a troubled childhood. “Can’t Hold the World” is the most upbeat and raucous tune here, while “Blinding the Universe” recalls an early experience of rejection and disappointment.

Edge of the Girl is a pleasant surprise; an introspective album that develops with each subsequent listen. It is imbued with a refreshing honesty and songs that defy Slate’s 22 years.

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