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The Flipsides

Clever One

Pink & Black

The Flipsides is a woman-led power-punk trio from the Bay Area. Immediate comparisons with Tilt, The Donnas, and even Green Day, are natural; however, The Flipsides have much more going for them than the usual one dimension of other “Bay Area punks.”

The do, indeed, have a strong punk frivolity on “The Best of Times,” “Punk Underground,” and “So Disgusted,” yet on “Clever One” and “I Like You,” their pop sensibilities shine without loosing any of their punk credibility.

Although I am still not convinced that The Flipsides have added anything to the power-punk genre, they have created a strong and clever album. I would attest to them being more clever than, say, The Offspring, but less pop-oriented (i.e. radio-friendly) than Green Day.

Outstanding tracks include “I Like You,” “Tough Love” (where you can hear lead singer Sabrina Stewart’s superb voice), and “Look Back.”

The Flipsides:

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