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Dies Irae

The Sin War

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Dies Irae is a death metal band made up of evil personage from both Vader and Behemoth, and Dies Irae are just as dastardly – even more so – than those two bands. The songs on The Sin War attack with the precision and feroicty of early Slayer, but comparisons to Vader begging to be made, this record represents what would be equivalent to Vader outtakes or B-sides.

Don’t get me wrong; The Sin War is a fast paced, grating rocker from start to Finnish (oops, I meant Polish). The guitars are played masterfully, the drums are nice and loud in the mix, the vocals are decent, but are a bit too buried by the rest of the music. As can be expected, the bass guitar is buried for the most part.

I don’t know… I mean, this is a solid metal record, but it just doesn’t stand out. It rocks, it’s pretty darn evil, and there’s not too many blast beats (a definite plus); this one just didn’t make me freak out with joy, anger, disgust, or anything. It’s just kind of there. Vader fans will like this, but again, it’s just like lost Vader outtakes or something.

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