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New Bomb Turks

The Night Before the Day the Earth Stood Still


In a year that has seen garage punk explode its way on to the catwalks of the world, it’s a good thing that bands like New Bomb Turks are still around playing garage the way it was meant to be played, with none of the gloss and the glamor of your regular bandwagon-jumper, but with all the more style and substance. New Bomb Turks have honed their intoxicated rock to perfection over the course of the last decade, and The Night Before… is the sound of a band that couldn’t care less if the music they play is trendy or not. “This middle finger ain’t pointing,” they offer. Good going there, you middle finger. This is the sound of the swaggering Rolling Stones, the boisterous Rocket From the Crypt, and even the continually unhip Bachman-Turner Overdrive getting together for a full-on garage rock attack.

Eric Davisdon’s arrogant snarl is as casual as ever, the production so basic and thin it was probably recorded live in a tin can. New Bomb Turks sound so laid back, it’s surprising they manage to stand up at all, they’re so loose they barely hang together – but they do, and they do it with the tight energy and the sleazy strut of a band that knows they’re absolutely brilliant at what they do. The soundtrack to a good night out. There’s much to be said for that.

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