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The Dudley Corporation

The Lonely World of the Dudley Corporation


Refreshing, hyper imaginative noise pop from Dublin, The Dudley Corporation is one of the single most compelling bands to come along in some time now. They regularly get a lot of Pixies and The Wedding Present comparisons thrown at them, but they really don’t sound like anyone else out there, instead carefully carving out some weird indie place all of their own.

Stop/start dynamics, frantic dynamics, and those layered, strange ballads of theirs all make for an album far larger than the sum of its parts, on which no amount of indie pop trickery can hide the fact that this all boils down to some amazing songs, plain and simple. Their super funny, smug lyrics defy categorization and transcends mere wit to stand out as truly moving, strong narratives – and the music only serves to underline this considered, crafted duality. The best noise pop you’ve never heard.

Flameshovel Records:

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