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World War III

Wow! This album is a like a simultaneous of spew of death metal vomit, diarrhea, and urine! The guitars are absolutely chaotic and fly all over the map, from brutal chugga riffs, to super fast picking, to pretty clean melodic parts! The vocals are just as insane, as is the rest of the instrumentation.

It seems almost impossible to pin this band down, as the lead singer has an absolutely awesome growl that’s very guttural and raspy; on the same token though, he’ll go off and do these really weird parts where he sounds (I’m not kidding) like Sebastian Bach from Skid Row. Weird!

The time changes in these songs are enough to give the guys in Rush and Dream Theatre a run for their money. The players are very technical, yet they never falter, shifting time signatures like it was nothing, all the while playing extremely complex drum lines and guitar riffs. It’s actually quite amazing to sit and listen to this band’s musicianship on a pair of headphones… mind blowing.

What makes things even more awesome are the Siouxsie and the Banshees-style guitars on songs like “Crustscraper.” They fit so well in the make up of the song, with their weird ringy notes, kind of hidden behind the brutal chugga of the other guitarist. Wow! What an awesome show of skills!

I guess my only gripe would be that all of the songs sound quite similar to what I’ve already described. But, to be frankly honest, it doesn’t bother me all too much. I really like what these guys are doing. Make no mistake, though, this album is not for the casual metal fan, as there is a very low patter of blast beat throughout pretty much the entire record (it’s not annoying, just chaotic). The songs fly all over the place, and I could see people getting a headache at how complex and intricate these songs are. Much like listening to math rock bands, the time changes can be dizzying and frustrating to follow. This is a really cool record though, and worth your money!

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