• Megadeth


    Dave Mustaine and his once trailblazing Megadeth seem to be facing the quandary of many “classic” acts, an audience that wants you frozen in time and the creeping realization that your best songs are behind you. Nostalgia may sell, but Chris Catania ain’t buying.

  • Sounds of the Underground Tour

    Sounds of the Underground Tour

    This year’s annual Sounds of the Underground tour promises to deliver the heaviest metal this side of Ozzfest to Orlando’s Tinker Field. Jen Cray was there for As I Lay Dying, Gwar, Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, and a half-dozen other bands as they turned a baseball diamond into a mosh pit.

  • Killswitch Engage.

    Killswitch Engage,The End Of Heartache,Roadrunner,Anurag Chatterjee

  • Within Y

    Within Y

    Extended Mental Dimensions (Candlelight). Review by Daniel Mitchell.

  • Within Y

    death metal,thrash metal,Within Y,Extended Mental Dimensions,Candlelight,Daniel Mitchell

  • Killswitch Engage.

    Killswitch Engage.

    The End Of Heartache (Roadrunner) Review by Anurag Chatterjee

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