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World War III

American death metal here, with lots of doom and the occasional slow, sludgy breakdown. For the most part, the six songs on this are either really fast, with lots of crazy blast beats, or they’re putting along a 15 BPM.

I prefer when Excommunion are slow and sludgy, as they do this very well and the doom factor is high on the slow parts (judging by the dark clouds above my house that give way to sun and butterflies when they start going fast). The fast stuff has some pretty sweet guitar parts, but the drums are recorded kind of poorly, so the stupid blast beats just hurt my ears.

The lead singer is the highlight of this group; he’s got a very full voice, and a very warm and complete growl. There’s never any doubt as to how devastated his throat is after a show.

To be frankly honest, though, I get sick of the ultra-fast speed these guys try to do on this CD. It’s very annoying, because they sound so good when they’re going slow. I recommend these guys ditch the lightning fast riffs, blast beats, and otherwise silly stuff and go strictly with sludge and doom. Maybe they can record for Southern Lord or something.

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