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Indie Choice 2002

Various Artists


Modmusic’s annual Indie Choice contest rewards their winners with a spot on their own compilation CD, and as with last year, it all amounts to a great cast of new talent. Not all of these 16 tracks are equally exiting, and especially the latter half looses some momentum. However, the main portion is great, and some are stunning – especially considering the rather anonymous production and backing tracks on much of this. Scottish Angela McClusky, say, has one of the single most arresting voices I’ve heard lately. Her track is co-written with Shudder To Think’s Nathan Larson, which doesn’t hurt either. Morgan Taylor’s Rock Group was featured on last year’s comp too, but whatever, “Hey!” is a feel-good BBQ anthem that should have most out there in a fine, sunshiny mood. Lava Baby come across like a trashy, glammy Bangles. Good stuff. And Dayna Kurtz’s “Love Gets in the Way” is absolutely fantastic – a startling new talent. Somebody sign her! Elsewhere, there’s some sweet and innocent summery power-pop from Fooled By April, splendid fuzz-pop from Co-Star, and great Jam-ish mod from Golden Green. Indie Choice 2002 is a great display of new, unsung heroes, and a release that any self-respecting talent scout should look into.

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