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Clicks + Cuts 3

Various Artists

Mille Plateaux

While Clicks + Cuts 3 definitely could not be called “click-pop,” this two-disc compilation is definitely the most accessible minimalist techno project to date for Mille Plateaux. Yes, the blips, bleeps, digitization, and controlled static still clutter every song. However, the millenarians have minimalized the flights of fancy and concentrated on songs that could easily move a post-structuralist dance floor. There are impressively soulful songs like SND’s “Palo Alto” and the clickety 2step of Luomo’s “Melt.” Geez’n’Gosh’s “Kleine Hausmusik #16” and Alto Noto’s “Transrapid” are great dance tunes once you re-educate your feet to their Brainiac rhythms. Swayzak, Antonelli Electr., and Mikael Stravostrand provide somewhat recognizable house cuts (some of which have an astonishingly deep sound). Andreas Tilliander and MR13 also impress. There are still some tracks that are either boring (like bizz.circuit’s “Grace under Fire”) or just plain annoying (Robin Judge’s “Rhizome”); but, all in all, this compilation is a fine piece of work, and a worthy introduction to the click-hop scene. For those interested, this is a good place to become acquainted.

Mille Plateaux:

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