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Touché is definitely one of those DJs who knows how to take his audience for a ride. At first listen, you wonder what the hell is going on as Audio Bullys’ “Ego War” cranks out its utterly silly – yet contagious – lyrics and music. Is this DJ Touché or Lewis Carroll? But before things get too out of hand and you want off with the DJ’s head, the disc starts to smolder with King Britt and Ursula Rucker’s “Supernatural.” This funky disco house remix by Derrick Carter kicks off a dance excursion that doesn’t stop until the disc does.

Ultraviolet is a true beat odyssey that reminds one more of a late-night radio mix party than a dance club extravaganza. There are even shout-outs from Pete Rock and Eminem. There’s a lot of great music from Touché, Kid Crëme, Tim Wright, Lax and Ajai, and Frankie Bones. It’s a true joy for house fans. And, for those of you who dance on the techy side, Touché ends the disc with some of the flavors you’ll like (with a song from the DJ, and Phil Kieran’s “Africa 70”). And just as queerly as it began, Pal Joey concludes the trippy, little disc with “Party Time,” a nice slice of mellowness.

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