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DJ Jani

Hotel Arena: Tonight

Black Hole

Ah, Tiesto’s little boy has grown up. Amsterdam’s resident groove meister has matured drastically in a year’s time, following his mediocre mix X1: Amsterdam Wildlife Sessions with something truly wonderful. Hotel Arena: Tonight (a representation of his usual Friday night gig) gives it to you fast and steady, chock full of funky, deep, soulful (enough adjectives?) house cuts, banging out a disco groove that is infectious and hard to forget. Not a dull moment exists, not a clunker to be heard. Just pure, dirty, euphoric fun. His selections are impeccable, with amazing cuts from DJ John Julius Knight, Players Inc., Tim Deluxe, Urban Blues Project, Bob Sinclair, Eddie Amador, Mijangos and DJ Debra and the Source. If ever there was a mix disc to get so far this year, Hotel Arena is it. DJ Jani has truly become a man!

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