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Electric Six

Danger! High Voltage

XL/Beggars Banquet

By the time one has veered through the aggro-disco title track, you’re dealt throbbing electro beats, scampering saxophones, processed guitars and Nitzer Ebb-style sing-alongs. With only four songs, Electric Six’s latest EP delegates catchiness with the greatest of ease.

While the middle delves into more rock-oriented territory, the taste for dance- floor delight rarely wanders. The title track is remixed and reworked twice, in varying styles from discotheque bliss to electroclash indulgence by both Soulchild and Jacques Lu Cont. Although the vocals can be a bit of a burden to their musical accompaniments, they nonetheless pile on the edge and hook to the head-bobbing anthems that overwhelm them. The title adds a bit more tackiness to the disc than necessary, but the music more than makes up for it.

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