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Buffalo Head 7”


Let me begin by saying that the artwork for this 7” is top notch. It comes in a brown, hard stock sleeve, with an even darker brown silk screened print, and the profile of a buffalo’s head. Sweet! The back is similar, with the other prominent end of the buffalo featured.

The music here, however, is boring and disinteresting. I guess you could classify it as “guitar driven rock,” but to me, it sounds like watered down garage rock: what happens when thirty-something men get together on the weekend to practice with their band. While they play, the occasional “rock grimace” is exchanged, especially on a particularly killer drum fill. Following the completion of each song, cries of “that rocked!” and “hell yeah!” can be heard coming from the members’ huge smiles.

Nevertheless, these guys are giving it a try, and it’s not like they’re intentionally trying to put out crap; that’s just the unfortunate outcome of the process. Fans of bad 1970s guitar rock (e.g. The Kinks, The Knack), will eat this up with a fork and spoon, and beg for more. I’ll keep it simply for the lovely artwork.

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