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Early Day Miners

Jefferson At Rest

Secretly Canadian

Jefferson at Rest continues the tradition the Early Day Miners established on their previous release, Let us Bring Garlands. That is, a literate and compassionate exploration of the Southern and Midwestern mythologies that linger still along the backwoods and forgotten hollows of the hills. Stylistically, they resemble Lullaby for the Working Class with their sparse arrangements and yet, a debt to Low is also seen with their slo-core melodies and lack of dynamics.

The lyrics are brief and at times seem to be an afterthought as the melodies coil and stretch out around them. Taut, yet sparingly graceful, the songs evoke a rustic simplicity that provides the perfect balance to Daniel Burton’s often hushed vocals. At times though this simplicity becomes a bit too much, as one song resembles another and the track preceding it sounds quite similar to the one coming next. An attentive listener will certainly attend to the nuances in melody and style, but to the casual listener, the tracks begin to run together.

Jefferson at Rest certainly has its appeal. It lies in the Early Day Miners sense of exploration into the mythic South and its lost splendor. One attuned to the glacial pace of the Red House Painters and Low will certainly be thrilled with this release.

Secretly Canadian:

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