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The Goodwill

That Was a Moment

Negative Progression

The Goodwill play the stuff that the kids are calling “emo.” The singer has a really whiney voice, the guitars are melodic and distorted and the drums are loud and crashing! Most of the songs are about the terrible feelings that go along with being dumped, heartbroken and emotionally confused. For the most part, I can stomach a sub-par emo record, but there’s something about this one that makes it particularly intolerable.

Let’s start with the aforementioned singer: he’s terrible. He’s totally playing the “I wish I was the lead singer from Samiam” game that so many try to pull off. The thing is, this guy goes way overboard, coming off as a cross between the lead singer of Mineral and Joey Ramone (I kid you not). To fully appreciate how idiotic this kid sounds, you need to hear it firsthand; if you need a laugh, you won’t be sorry.

To be honest, the instrumentation on That Was a Moment is pretty solid, but done in a way that makes the band sound like Lit (they had that corny hit that went: “please tell me why•” a couple of years ago). What I’m trying to say, is that the band is really good, but the stale melodic emo stuff they’re churning out sounds like it should be the background to one of those “extreme” Mountain Dew commercials.

I guess it’s not against the law to listen to boring stuff like this, but it should be. I’m afraid that with Jimmy Eat World’s success, we’ll be hearing plenty more bands that sound like The Goodwill, wasting money on studio time and making average, forgettable albums like this. If you need me, I’ll be rock climbing with my buds as That Was a Moment plays in the background.

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