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Mary Alice Wood

Daisies in My Hand


An unusually interesting new roots artist, Mary Alice Wood may avoid limiting herself to country plain and simple. Nevertheless, she owes much to Patsy Cline in terms of keeping things humble and straightforward, as well as being indebted to alt-country’s discovery that country is, indeed, the new rock.

Daisies in My Hand is actually a demo record rather than a regular release, with Wood trying to raise interest around her solo career (she’s also the lead singer with rock outfit the Belinda Chairs). I’d be surprised if this doesn’t result in a record deal of some sorts. It’s not all good, with the title track and “Two Feet” being a couple of less interesting moments, but for the most part, Daisies in My Hand shows an artist with a lot on her mind, and with the means to say it too; she’s got a clear understanding of where she’s coming from and of where she’s heading.

She moves from the Handsome Family drama of “Angel” to the surf instrumental “Cowboys in a Curl,” and from the twangy honky-tonk of “Mornin’ Girl” to the swaying indie country that is “Divorce Myself,” all the while maintaining consistency and unity. Wood’s voice and musical ability hold things together to help create a unified vision. She’s at her best when she brings her music all the way down, as evidenced by the Kris Kristofferson-like “If I Told You,” the classic country ballad “Souvenir” and the singer/songwriter folk of “Every Line.” Daises in My Hand shows Wood really can’t do much wrong, as long as she stays as true and strong as this album proves she’s capable of being.

Mary Alice Wood:

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