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54 40’ or Fight!

I have to say that 54 40’ or Fight! is probably my favorite label right now. I can’t remember ever getting anything from this label that didn’t totally rock me straight out of my pants. Motion and Rest from This Bright Apocalypse is no different.

If you’ve heard the Polyvinyl band Aloha, imagine them without the vibraphone and a bit more aggressive, and you have a pretty good idea about what this sounds like. I’m not sure if these guys are from Louisville (or if they’ve ever been there), but they clearly have an affinity for the Louisville “sound,” a la Rodan, Shipping News, etc. The guitars here play lots of little clean noted noodlings that sound pretty, especially with the overdriven bass underneath it. The drummer evokes that awkward, swaying feel that bands like Slint and Metroschifter popularized.

Every band worth listening to has its own little thing that makes them unique. For This Bright Apocalypse, it’s the fact that not only can these guys sing well, but they can also scream like no one’s business, as evidenced by the chorus on “The Approach.” On occasion, the band actually sounds like a choir of monks! It’s quite bizarre, but it’s kind of cool.

This would be best described as math punk stuff, so if you typically get motion sickness from time changes and guitar structures that are hard to follow, this one will give you a headache. To be honest, this is a bit on the arty side, so if you aren’t into “art fags” and their overly complicated music, steer clear. Now, those of you with decent taste, who can appreciate the complexities of math arty stuff, I must say that Motion and Rest is a very well put together record, and is totally worth checking out.

54 40’ or Fight!:

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