Brady Brock

Brady Brock

Warm American Sweater

In Music We Trust

Brady Brock may or may not be a joke name, and his album title isn’t too far behind in ludicrousness either. But what do you know, the guy has made another fine album, following last year’s I Will Live In You Where Your Heart Used To Be (now there’s a title to be proud of). “Today is the first day of the rest of your fall,” Brock offers on the closing “Something Missing,” ironically one of the more redemptive songs on here. While Warm American Sweater isn’t exactly a happy picnic, Brock knows how to wrap his message in quietly comforting tones that somehow dampen the lyrical sentiments. He recalls a less angular but equally off-white Califone, with the incessant melodic sensibilities of the Pernice Brothers (incidentally, Thom Monahan produced this). Brock delivers on the promise of his debut, and has more than earned himself the right to be hyped up as the next Tom McRae, as he surely shall be.

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