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Well, what can I say? My So Called Band have made a poorly produced, one-dimensional, unoriginal and terribly boring record. The songs are simple, pointless and lack creativity. I liken this CD to a group of 13 year olds who have rented their first instruments, and have just discovered “punk rock.” Imagine the talentless wails and slop: this is what My So Called Band sounds like.

Simply put, these guys should be ashamed of themselves. The guitars sound absolutely terrible, as if they were played through one of those little Marshall amps that the guitar techs at the local guitar shop use to “practice their chops” during their cigarette breaks. The vocals are moronic, both in tone and lyrically: “Punk rock elitists, so sure they can’t be mistaken / Thanks for being defeatist, excuse me this scene is taken / Instead of encouragement, they exist to drag us down.” Need I say more? It seems that some “punk rock elitist” told these guys that they are terrible, but instead of taking it under consideration, they choose to make a Mötörhead rip-off song that complains about it. Duh. The drums are awful, as well. They sound like the little toy set that can be found in the back of Sears. The bass guitar actually has a pretty cool tone, but is buried under the overbearing guitars and ridiculous lead singer.

So, the only good thing about this album is its title, Always Something There to Destroy Me. It’s a clever little title. What I don’t like, though, is this awful, amateurish band.

My So Called Band:

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