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The Exploited

Fuck the System


Fuck the System most definitely isn’t about to change anyone’s conceptions about what the Exploited are supposed to sound like. However, the surprising bit is the sheer ferociousness and aggression with which they go about business. You’d think the guys would’ve mellowed out a bit, but no. The Exploited have taken a full turn since their last few lackluster affairs, and Fuck the System proves there’s still some anger and resentment in Wattie & Co after all.

Perhaps a bit too much anger, in fact. While Wattie takes some well-deserved stabs at the “system” that’s been fucking him for the last few decades, his incessant calls for “chaos” and violence is as dumb as they always were. Wattie never knew his politics from his private, childlike vengeance against all and everything, and it’s this casual, relentless striking out that made so many punks turn their backs on the band in the first place.

All that aside, Fuck the System remains the Exploited’s single most focused album in years. It’s a splendidly produced and hard-hitting punk-metal hybrid, performed with tense aggressiveness and precise passion. The long overdue return of the Mohawk.

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