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Brad Byrd

The Ever Changing Picture


Brad Byrd is one of the most intriguing new independent artists I’ve had the pleasure to hear in ages. A fusion of alt. country and left-of center rock with a real contemporary feel, The Ever Changing Picture is an undiscovered gem. Byrd provides a fresh alternative to typical singer-songwriters, and although acoustic rhythms form the backbone of his music, producer Evan Frankfort’s studio genius provides a lush, diverse sonic landscape. Byrd’s superb voice, with its semi-country twang, gives an unorthodox flavor to his strangely addictive songs.

“Better Days” emphatically introduces Byrd’s sound. It is a dark, yet melodic opener complete with a dirty riff and real atmospheric edge. “Factory Burn” makes similar use of modern production touches while stand-out songs “Weird Enough” and the pop-infused “You’re Good” impressively add to the overall quality. “Earth and Feathers” and “Never Came Back” have an almost Americana feel.

Not only a talented singer and musician, Byrd is also a canny businessman, releasing The Ever Changing Picture through his own Rockport Publishing venture. But given the current popularity of Ryan Adams and Pete Yorn, there’s no reason why Byrd couldn’t soon match their success on a suitable label such as Lost Highway.

Brad Byrd:

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