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Pinback have been putting out albums since 1999, and have garnered a massive following among indie rock kids. Their music has always been melodious and full of harmonies, with the class and grace of classical musicians. On their latest EP release, Offcell, these indie-heroes are at their prime.

Offcell offers up five tracks further proving why Pinback are just so damn good! To uneducated ears, Pinback may sound boring or repetitive, but if you look beneath the surface you’ll hear a band who are constantly allowing their sound to evolve, while not changing too drastically so as to upset their fans. It is sure that Pinback will never release a country album (ahem, Get Up Kids).

“Microtonic Wave,” the album’s opener, is a typical Pinback song: soft vocals laced over metallic, twangy, guitar riffs and an incessant bass line. It will remind fans of why they started to like Pinback in the first place. “B” is perhaps the best song on Offcell. Pinback combine their smooth indie style with a touch of rock and a dash of alternative. The result is a dance-worthy beat, backed up by a piano, a choppy guitar rhythm and faster than usual vocals from Rob Crow, which then flow into his perfect indie-whine.

Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Crow, the dynamic duo behind the genius of Pinback, have proven just how multi-talented they are. Not only will Offcell make Pinback fans more than happy, but it will also help to garner new fans and introduce more people to the consistent sonic pleasure that is Pinback.

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