Knights From Hell

World War III

Let me start by letting you know that this Vassago record was so evil and treacherous that my Windows Media Player had trouble recognizing it. It must have been the ridiculously high and overpowering levels of death and doom.

Vassago is the brainchild of Lord Belial members Sin and Pepa. Much like Lord Belial, the entire album is overpowering, rough and completely devastating. I would go so far as to say that Vassago is quite a bit more aggressive, and not as corny as Lord Belial. Knights From Hell has a fuller, more complete sound than any of the Belial stuff I’ve heard. The guitars are way up front, and they completely steal the show. They have plenty of low and mid range, making the rhythm guitar tracks thick and pounding. I could do without the solos, but I never said this record is perfect. By the same token, the vocals and lyrics on Knights From Hell are just plain dumb (see the lyrics to “Anal Fist Fuck” if you’d like to challenge that statement, then talk to me). The vocalist isn’t very threatening, and comes off as another dumb ass with a bullet belt.

Thankfully, the band saves the day. The drumming is stunning, sounding completely inhuman, with blast beats so precise and free of slop that I almost pissed my pants. The guitars are indescribably good. And the pace of some of these songs is perfect, as if early-Napalm Death had finally found the exact speed on the cusp of sounding moronic and being the soundtrack to murder itself.

World War III:

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