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A recent issue of Magnet had a feature on the new faces of shoegazing. I can’t imagine how Suntan got overlooked. Their guitar-based sound is completely indebted to all those early ’90s greats: My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Lush, etc. You know, swirling elliptical guitars that don’t so much wash over you as expand and contract like colors seen during an acid trip (or so I’m told). Couple this with the Eastern-flavored drone integrated into much of the album’s more lengthy tracks and you’ve got the makings of a distinctive shoegazer band.

What sets Suntan apart and adds to the smooth pulse of their music is the decision to forgo a traditional string bass and use a Juno organ. The Juno is able to stretch the notes infinitely longer and keep a sustained haze present and steady throughout an entire track. All the tracks on the album tend to bleed together as the album progresses, but this is hardly a complaint as this is music for the soporific set. Jammies on, people!

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