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Ice Hatchets

Gold Standard Laboratories

KRMTX is a stripped down version of Chromatics. Apparently, shortly after Chromatics released their album Chrome Rats vs. Basement Rutz the band dropped from a quartet to a duo. I haven’t heard their album, but if this 7” is any indication, the line-up change has done a number on singer/songwriter Adam M. Both. “Ice Hatchets” and B-side “Curtains” have the feel of creeping madness and paranoia. Rubbery bass lines throb like the protruding vein in a psychotic’s temple, while dissonant guitar chords skitter like imaginary spiders on skin. Mumbling and shouting incoherently in the background, Adam M. sounds like a man lost in his own gray matter. It’s kind of an interesting curiosity for a couple of spins, but I wouldn’t want to listen forever.

Gold Standard Laboratories:

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