Fine Arts Militia

Fine Arts Militia

Fine Arts Militia

Slam Jamz/Koch

Do you want anger, rage, righteous indignation? Well, one of your first stops should always be Chuck D. Public Enemy may no longer be #1, but that doesn’t mean Mistachuck has stopped thumbing his nose at the proper authorities. Yes, he’s still angry, still profound and still carrying the fluctuating flame of dissent.

Fine Arts Militia is everything you’d expect from the legendary rapper. A lot of the music has abandoned speaking out for prattling on. Even Guru’s now smokin’, smackin’ and fuckin’ hos. It’s a good thing that some of the old timers are remaining true.

Based on many of Chuck D’s lectures, this is a spoken word album. But, unlike most spoken word albums, it doesn’t get annoying. Chuck has something to say, and his voice still booms as he says it. No pat cadences or trite topics here. The band he’s assembled around himself (Victor Burks, Brad Craig, T-Bone Motta and Hardgroove) actually has talent, mixing hard rock, funk, R&B and hip-hop deftly behind the vitriol spraying out of D’s mouth. This is the album Body Count wished they could’ve produced — hard, funky and full of thought. Chuck D may no longer be significant to the pop music scene, but his relevance to the turbulent world around us still remains strong.

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