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The name Sepultura really takes me back, back to a time when I was but a wee young boy in the 8th grade, fawning over the sheer brutality and violence of Sepultura’s Arise record. I swore by Sepultura for many years to come, until their despicable Roots album was released. Their overt desire to be Korn totally ruined the band for me, and I had all but forgotten them… until Roorback arrived at my door.

Yes indeed, folks, Roorback is Sepultura’s return to form. The band is much slower than they used to be, but that isn’t surprising, given how long they have been around (1986, with several line up changes, mainly in the vocalist category). You could say that Sepultura has released the album that Metallica’s St. Anger was supposed to be: a return to all things aggressive, destructive and angry. The lead vocalist on Roorback, Derrick Green, is really spastic. He deftly pushes his voice to painful heights, ensuring the listener that his anger is quite real. Original drummer Igor Cavalera hasn’t become crippled in the same manner that Lars Ulrich has. His beats are a bit slower, but he’s still quite capable of playing furiously without sounding false (see Lars’s St. Anger work for the posturing metal drummer). The guitars are absolutely on fire throughout the entire album, and the solos are competent, dazzling, yet not overbearing. The songs themselves are set in the lower registers of the sound field, thus giving us the thickest sounding Sepultura record to date.

Sepultura is back, in a major way, with Roorback. All I know is that this record is good in more ways than one: it’s tough, thick, grinding, aggressive and angry. Metal fans could not go wrong in buying this record, as most fans will totally appreciate what Sepultura are doing with this album.

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