Team Emu

Team Emu

Plug In and Play 7″

Ghostmeat Records

Whoa, baby! Look out! There’s some pretty serious energy flowing out of the speakers when this Team Emu 7″ is spinning. The songs seem to explode off of the lovely blue vinyl on which they’re pressed.

Team Emu sounds like the coalescence of mid ’80s punk, with obvious nods to the Dead Milkmen and They Might Be Giants’ harder stuff. The music is energetic, melodic and features jangly, generically structured guitar chords, with a simplistic drum beat and bombastic lead singer. His vocals are very snotty, whiney and full of attitude, and he’s the perfect compliment for this band.

While Team Emu may not be reinventing the wheel with these five songs, the tracks are rather enjoyable glimpses at a time long past. They totally rock out, and are full of energy and quirkiness. This is a pretty solid 7″ and is totally worth your money.

Ghostmeat Records:

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