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The High Evolutionary / Enemy From Space

Split 7”


This split 7” contains tracks by two electronic artists. While the artwork is colorful, vibrant, clever and quite lovely, the music itself is silly, pointless blather.

Enemy From Space’s sound is comprised of a couple of keyboards; one sounding very generic and Casio-esque and the other being of a bit higher caliber. There are no lyrics on either of their songs, and both tracks sound pretty much like background music for a role-playing game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The High Evolutionary’s songs remind me of what people of the 1950s thought music of 2000 would sound like: blips, beeps, weird distorted voices, so on and so forth. The vocalist has this Bob Dylan meets Elvis Costello delivery, but he kind of raps his vocals so they come of sounding very silly. As he “sings,” weird synthesizer noises go on behind him, and the whole thing is just an ugly, aimless mess.

If you’re into nice artwork, this might not be a bad purchase. However, if you are even remotely a fan of music in general, this ridiculous 7” will disappoint and confuse to no end.

AAJ Records:

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