Hurry-Up Offense

Hurry-Up Offense

The Labor Day EP

Punk rock: As a rule, I don’t love it, as any six months worth of my reviews should prove, occasional hybrids like The Damage Manual notwithstanding. But bass/guitar/drums trio Hurry-Up Offense has a gift.

It helps that they play flexible punk-pop with a cinematic touch of new wave in the style of the first couple albums by Joe Jackson, a composer I do love. Think “I’m The Man” or if you’re a longtime fan of JJ too and know more than his singles, “Happy Loving Couples.”

This is pleasant listening that also benefits from a couple of things not on the CD itself. The first is that they came up in my rotation right after my having heard The Disease, after whom Linkin Park would sound like The Beatles. The other is that they bribed me — the record company having thoughtfully sent along a miniature Twix bar in the package.

Record companies, this is a good move. I can be rented. Money and Britney Spears “videos” eagerly accepted.

Hurry-Up Offense:

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