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Chalee Tennison

Parading in the Rain

Dreamworks Nashville

Chalee Tennison’s third album is another dose of pretty standard-fare Nashville country, performed with a nod to Tammy Wynette, and with Chalee’s rough voice providing the most sympathetic element in an otherwise overtly bland production. Marketed as “the real thing,” Chalee’s songs (most of which come from outside writers) are about everyday hardship and finding strength in yourself and those around you to persevere. It works on some levels, mainly because of Chalee’s straightforward vocals.

However, this never really amounts to a truly convincing testament, partly because of the extremely uneven song material, and also because of how the sheer goodiness of the arrangements work against the general themes of the music. In fact, the album’s finest moments are songs like “Lonesome Road” and “Me and Mexico,” where both Chalee and the band are allowed to have some fun in the studio. Elswehere, this is competent Nashville country, but rather bland by most people’s standards. Chalee Tennison should be able to come up with a stronger and more convincing album than this by now.

Dreamworks Nashville:

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