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“I Need More Love” is the first single off of Robert Randolph and the Family Band’s debut Unclassified, and it showcases just how much talent is infused in this four-piece band. Unclassified is just that, unclassifiable. It’s a perfect blend of blues, funk and gospel led by the amazing Robert Randolph on the pedal steel guitar. This album is a positive upbeat groovefest that makes you stand up and yell, “Hallelujah!”

The beginning of “Nobody” sounds almost like a classic rock riff, but then John Ginty throws in the B-3 Organ and it instantly transforms into a gospel hymn that had me waving my hands in the air and testifying “Nobody!!” at the top of my lungs. I felt like I was in a Southern Baptist church.

There are a few instrumental tracks here. “Squeeze” hinges on Danyel Morgan’s doo-wop bass line, but is highlighted by Randolph’s pedal steel solos. The best instrumental, however, is the rock-fused funk track “Good Times (3 Stroke),” simply because it made me glad to be alive. “Good Time! Good Time! / We gonna have a good time” are the only lyrics in the song. So I guess it’s not a bona fide instrumental. Oh well.

Unclassified is a great album for any music fan open to something new and different that strays from the normal pop crap. For any gospel, blues or funk fan, this is a must-have. Robert Randolph and the Family Band have made a solid debut and at least one life-long fan with this album.

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