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Cowslinger Deluxe

Shake It

When the majority of the 10 songs on your CD deal in some way with drinking, most people would say you’re in a stylistic rut. Not me. When you end your record with a cover of GG Allin’s “Drink, Fight, Fuck,” some folks would think you’re just too clever for words. I’m not one of them, however. On their 8th release, Cowslinger serves up all the required ingredients for a satisfying country-punk stew (loud guitars, tacked on fiddles and mandolins, etc.), and by all rights it should work. However, it doesn’t. While this material probably comes to life in a bar with a Tallboy in your hand, on record, song after song about drinking, being hungover and having sex with anything female gets a bit tiresome. Bands such as Rank and File, or Jason and the Scorchers set the bar rather high for this sort of stuff, but Cowslinger chooses to spend their time drinking at said bar, instead of raising it.


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