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The Bloody Lovelies

Some Truth & A Little Money

Cheap Lullaby

Don’t know where they came from, or what they were doing before this (although long nights listening to Hunky Dory is one guess), but whatever it was, the Bloody Lovelies have crafted one bloody great record. Anchored by the vocals and piano of Randy Wooten – don’t run screaming from a band based in part on piano, this ain’t no Ben Folds’ simpering – and the crunchy guitar of Lance Konnerth, the Lovelies set out to create a record based on strong songs and a personal identity, and they do so in fine fashion. True, there are moments where Wooten seems to be channeling the offhand drama of early Bowie, but that really isn’t a problem. The songs are bittersweet, caustic and true. Great, great stuff.

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